Easy Tips for Bathing Babies

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Baby care is one of the most important topics in the lives of parents. Having healthy, happy, and clean babies is what every parent wants. Before newborns start taking baths, they learn so many things, and this process can be quite stressful. In this article, we will provide easy tips for bathing babies. This way, you can ensure that your baby is bathed comfortably and safely.

Preparation Before Bathing

Preparing before the bath is very important. You should have all the necessary materials ready before you put your baby in the water. Here are the steps to prepare for a bath:

1. Prepare the Materials

Prepare all the materials you need when it’s time for your baby to take a bath. This includes baby shampoo, baby soap, a towel, clean clothes, a tub, or a bath seat if needed.

2. Pay Attention to Temperature and Humidity Levels

The area where your baby will take a bath should be warm and humid. To prevent your baby from getting cold, keep the room temperature between 24-26 degrees Celsius.

3. Remove the Baby’s Clothes

Take off your baby’s clothes and wrap them in a towel or robe that only holds the diaper or undergarment.

Things to Consider While Bathing

Babies have sensitive skin, so you need to be careful while bathing them. Here are the things to consider when bathing your baby:

4. Support Your Baby’s Head

Because babies’ heads aren’t fully settled yet, you need to support your baby’s head while bathing. Hold your baby’s head with one hand and gently wash it with the other.

5. Use Less Soap and Shampoo

Because babies’ skin is sensitive, avoid using too much soap or shampoo. Gently wash your baby’s skin with a small amount.

6. Protect Their Eyes

If the soap or shampoo gets into your baby’s eyes, rinse immediately with clean water and use a towel or robe to protect their eyes.

7. Pay Attention to Water Temperature

Water temperature can harm your baby’s skin. Keep the water temperature between 36-38 degrees Celsius. Also, don’t forget to mix the water because the bottom will be warmer than the top.

After Bathing Procedures

You should also know how to dry your baby after the bath and what to do next. Here are some post-bath procedures:

8. Wrap Your Baby in a Towel

Gently dry your baby with a towel and then dress them in clean clothes. Comfortably wrap your baby.

9. Don’t Forget to Cut Their Nails

After the bath, cut your baby’s nails. Babies’ nails grow rapidly, and they could accidentally hurt themselves.

10. Use Moisturizer

Because babies have sensitive skin, it’s recommended that you use moisturizer after bathing. Apply the moisturizer without rubbing their skin.

Common Mistakes During Baby Bathing

Some parents either overdo or wrong practices while bathing their babies. Here are some common mistakes made during baby baths:

11. Keeping the Water Too Hot

Babies shouldn’t be exposed to hot water because of their sensitive skin. Additionally, your baby’s skin may be too dry, making the situation worse.

12. Not Using Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoos are formulated to match the sensitivity of babies’ skin and hair. The chemicals present in regular shampoos may cause irritation to your baby’s skin.

13. Overusing Towels

Towels and robes can produce bacteria if not ventilated or cleaned sufficiently. Always dry your baby with a clean towel or robe each time.

14. Leaving Your Baby Alone in the Water

Babies aren’t afraid of water but can drown in it. Keep your baby under constant supervision during bath times.

15. Leaving Your Baby Unattended

Never leave your baby alone in the bathroom. Always stay with them and make them feel confident.


Having healthy, happy, and clean babies is one of the most important responsibilities of parents. In this article, we’ve provided easy tips for bathing babies for you to ensure your baby is safely and comfortably bathed. Baby baths should be well-planned and executed with care due to their delicate skin.


  1. When should a baby start taking a bath? Newborn babies are usually wiped down with cotton wool for the first 2-3 weeks. After that, you can bathe your baby once a month with a mild soap.
  2. How do you wash a baby’s hair? Support your baby’s head, take a small amount of shampoo on your hand, and gently massage their scalp.
  3. When should you cut a baby’s nails after the bath? Nails soften after a bath, making them easier to cut. It’s recommended that
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